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Strain Species Genotype
TU1747 C. elegans deg-3(u662) V. Show Description
Dominant mutant phenotypes: Unc, Mec, Tab, Deg (late embryogenesis to L4). u662 was derived from DnT1 by recombination between the dominant Unc mutation and the recessive Lethal mutation. The dominant Unc mutation is what has been retained in this strain. This Unc mutation has been called unc-?(n754) in DnT1 strains. It is likely that unc-?(n754) and deg-3(u662) are the same mutation.
TU1803 C. elegans deg-3(u662) des-2(u695) V. Show Description
Slightly Unc. Few degenerations seen. des-2(u695) is a recessive suppressor of the dominant Unc Deg mutation deg-3(u662).
MF200 C. elegans ric-3(hm9) IV. Show Description
Suppress deg-3. Resistant to aldicarb.