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Strain Species Genotype
CB1386 C. elegans daf-5(e1386) II. Show Description
Dauer defective. WT phenotype. M-MATING+++ 10-30%WT.
MT2215 C. elegans egl-32(n155) I; daf-5(e1386) II. Show Description
Temperature sensitive Egl. Dauer defective.
PJ1185 C. elegans daf-5(e1386) II; daf-4(m592) III; ccIs55 V. Show Description
ccIs55 [unc-54::lacZ + sup-7(st5)] V. Maintain at 15C. Small size and weak lacZ staining at 25C. daf-4 dauer defects are suppressed by daf-5, but not the small size.