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Strain Species Genotype
DQM1066 C. elegans cshIs128 II; lin-12(ljf33[lin-12::mNeonGreen[C1]::loxP::3xFLAG::AID*]) III; lag-2(bmd204[lag-2::mTurquoise2::lox511i::2xHA]) V. Show Description
cshIs128 [rpl-28p::TIR1::T2A::mCherry::HIS-11)] II. Endogenously tagged LIN-12::mNG::3xFlag::AID crossed to endogenously tagged LAG-2::mTurquoise2::2xHA and ubiquitously expressed TIR1 with nuclear mCherry marker. Reference: Medwig-Kinney TN, et al. An in vivo toolkit to visualize endogenous LAG-2/Delta and LIN-12/Notch signaling in C. elegans. MicroPubl Biol. 2022 Jul 28;2022:10.17912/micropub.biology.000602. doi: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000602. PMID: 35966395.
DQM1070 C. elegans cshIs128 II; lin-12(ljf33[lin-12::mNeonGreen[C1]::LoxP::3xFLAG::AID]) III; lag-2(bmd202[lag-2::P2A::H2B::mTurquoise2::lox511i::2xHA]) V. Show Description
cshIs128 [rpl-28p::TIR1::T2A::mCherry::his-11)] II. Auxin-dependent degradation of endogenous LIN-12 with visible readout of endogenous lag-2 expression. Reference: Pani AM, et al. A new toolkit to visualize and perturb endogenous LIN-12/Notch signaling in C. elegans. MicroPubl Biol. 2022 Jul 28;2022:10.17912/micropub.biology.000603. doi: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000603. PMID: 35966394.
HML1035 C. elegans cshIs128 II; ieSi58 IV. Show Description
cshIs128 [rps-28p::TIR1::T2A::mCherry::his-11 + Cbr-unc-119(+)] II. ieSi58 [eft-3p::degron::GFP::unc-54 3'UTR + Cbr-unc-119(+)] IV. Companion strain to HML1012. Harbors conventional allele of TIR1 and Nuclear localized mCherry co-expression marker.