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Strain Species Genotype
DV3285 C. elegans his-72(cp76[mNeonGreen::3xFlag::his-72]) mpk-1(re172[mpk-1::mKate2::3xFlag]) III. Show Description
Green nuclei and ubiquitous cytosolic red expression, typically excluded from nuclei but with activity-dependent translocation into nuclei. Derived in an N2 background. C-terminally tagged mpk-1 is detectable by triplex PCR: mpk-1 genotyping FW: ACCAAAACAACCATGGGCTCG mpk-1 genotyping RV-1: GCTCCAAGTATGGGTGAGCC mpk-1 genotyping RV-2: GGTTCCCTCGTATGGCTTTCC Reference: Neal R, et al. (2021). Nuclear translocation of tagged endogenous ERK/MPK-1 MAP Kinase denotes a subset of activation events in C. elegans development.