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Strain Species Genotype
PS8584 C. elegans clec-91(sy1415) I. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. CRISPR/Cas9 engineered STOP-IN null mutant of clec-91. Universal 43bp-long knock-in insertion with 3-frame stop codon (STOP-IN cassette). left flanking sequence: CGACCTACATCCTTATCATCGTCCCACTGATCAT right flanking sequence: CATTGGAGGCGGTGTCGTCGCTGACAACACAAATG inserted sequence between the two flanking sequence (STOP-IN cassette): GGGAAGTTTGTCCAGAGCAGAGGTGACTAAGTGATAAgctagc. sgRNA: ATCGTCCCACTGATCATCAT Method Reference: G3 (Bethesda).
VC4181 C. elegans clec-91(gk5267) I. Show Description
Homozygous viable. Nonsense allele identified by amplicon sequencing. The gk5267 mutation is C->T, flanking sequences AATGCGCTGGTGCCAAGATCCTTGTGGTCC and AGTTGTAGTATGTCACTGTAAGATTGATTA.