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Strain Species Genotype
CER529 C. elegans sftb-1(cer144) III. Show Description
Dose-dependent sensitivity (developmental arrest) to pladienolide B and herboxidiene (modulators of pre-mRNA splicing). sftb-1(cer144[S1090A, A1095T, I1096V, F1101Y]) contains four missense mutations reproducing the HEAT repeat 15 of the human SF3B1 protein. Ten silent mutations increase primer specificity for PCR genotyping. Primers used for genotyping: (WT For: GAGCTGCAATTAATACATTTGGATTT) (WT Rev: AAACTCGCATTCCTTCACAT) (cer144 For: GGTACTATTCTGTGGCGTCT) (cer144 Rev: GTAACCGAAAGTGTTCACAGTT) Reference: Serrat X, et al. PLoS Genet. 2019 Oct 21;15(10):e1008464.