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Strain Species Genotype
BC15175 C. elegans dpy-5(e907) I; sEx15175. Show Description
sEx15175 [rCesY66A7A.5::GFP + pCeh361]. Maintain by picking WT. WT animals are GFP+. Strain construction supported by Genome British Columbia and Genome Canada. Please acknowledge McKay et al, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 68: 159-169 2004 (WBPaper00006525).
OH16480 C. elegans pha-1(e2123) III; otIs669 V; otEx7570. Show Description
otEx7570 [ceh-91::TY1::eGFP::3xFLAG + unc-119(+) + pha-1(+)]. Maintain at 25C to retain array. C-terminal tagged fosmid generated by Transgenome project. Injected with pha-1 rescuing array into NeuroPAL transgene strain. See description of strain OH15262 for full description of otIs669 NeuroPAL (Neuronal Polychromatic Atlas of Landmarks) transgene (Yemini E, et al. Cell. 2021 Jan 7;184(1):272-288.e11. PMID: 33378642). Reference: Reilly MB, et al. Nature. 2020 Aug;584(7822):595-601. PMID: 32814896.
RW12305 C. elegans ceh-91(st12305[ceh-91::TY1::EGFP::3xFLAG]) III. Show Description
eGFP and 3xFLAG tags inserted into endogenous locus by CRISPR/Cas9.