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Strain Species Genotype
MT11068 C. elegans ced-12(n3261) I. Show Description
Defects in engulfment, persistent cell coprses observed in embyros, larvae, and adult hermaphrodite gonads. Distal tip cell migration defects.
NF87 C. elegans ced-12(k149) I. Show Description
Cell corpses persist as unengulfed, refractile dics. DTC mismigrates. Sequenced: point mutation R38>STOP, probably a null.
YW16 C. elegans ced-12(tp2) I. Show Description
Persisting cell corpses. Distal tip cell migration defective.
ZB547 C. elegans ced-12(bz187) I. Show Description
Induces persistence of programmed cell death corpses and necrotic cell death corpses.