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Strain Species Genotype
KG4687 C. elegans ceIs269 I. Show Description
ceIs269 [unc-129p::tomm-20::Venus + unc-129p::mCherry + ttx-3p::RFP]; Integration in Chromosome I (near genetic position -3.20 or 1.14). The ttx-3 marker is quite faint in this strain especially in larvae. The tomm-20::Venus construct was injected at 0.5 ng/ ul in the strain used to make this integrant, so virtually all of the visible tomm-20::Venus signal s associated with mitochondria with essentially no background. The unc-129p::mCherry marker is expressed at a very low level that are detectable only with a sensitive camera (and often not by eye at 1000X). In strains lacking mitochondria in the dorsal cord, use the camera to focus on the mCherry in the dorsal cord, then acquire in the YFP channel.