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Strain Species Genotype
CB1141 C. elegans cat-4(e1141) V. Show Description
Catecholamine abnormal. Recessive. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT.
LC35 C. elegans cat-4(ok342) V. Show Description
T21C9.2, F32G8.6. Serotonin-deficient by anti-serotonin staining. Bleach hypersensitive. Likely also dopamine-deficient (but not tested). Slightly sickly. External left primer: TTTCTTTTCTTGTTGCGCCT. External right primer: TCGAAAAAGTCTGCTTCGGT. Internal left primer: CGTCTTCCGTTTCTTTTTCG. Internal right primer: TCTTGGAATGTGGGATGTGA. Internal WT amplicon: 2497 bp. Deletion size: 2238 bp. Deletion left flank: CGACTAGATTGATTTCCTTCTGTCCCTTCA. Deletion right flank: CTTGACGGAACAACGCCTCGATCTGATCTC. This strain was provided by the C. elegans Reverse Genetics Core Facility at the University of British Columbia, which is part of the international C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use. URL:
LC81 C. elegans cat-4(tm773) V. Show Description
Serotonin and dopamine-deficient, bleach hypersensitive, general chemical hypersensitivity, fragile cuticle. 652 bp deletion removes entire first exon. Derived by outcrossing FX773 five times to N2.
CF250 C. elegans cat-4(e1141) him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Catecholamine abnormal. Throws males.
LC141 C. elegans him-8(e1489) IV; cat-4(e3015) V. Show Description
Reduction in serotonin and dopamine, most apparent in young larva; bleach hypersensitivity and cuticle fragility in adult, but less than null mutants. Derived by outcrossing CB7107 six times to N2. Reference: Loer CM, et al. Genetics. 2015 May;200(1):237-53.
MT8943 C. elegans bas-1(ad446) III; cat-4(e1141) V. Show Description
Cat. Serotonin minus.
AGK573 C. elegans otIs225 II; daf-18(ok480) IV; armEx218. Show Description
otIs225 [cat-4::GFP] II. armEx218 [unc-119p::daf-18 + unc-119p::tagRFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Pick Rollers to maintain. Transgenic array expresses DAF-18 from unc-119 pan-neuronal promoter; rescues the HSN under-migration phenotype in daf-18 null mutants. Reference: Kennedy LM, et al. Cell Rep. 2013 Sep 12;4(5):996-1009.
LC80 C. elegans ptps-1(tm1984) I. Show Description
Serotonin- and dopamine-deficient, tetrahydrobiopterin-deficient, general chemical hypersensitivity, cuticle fragility (rapid disintegration in alkaline bleach), male turning defective (phenotypes appear identical to cat-4 null mutants). Derived by outcrossing FX1984 five times to N2. Reference: Loer CM, et al. Genetics. 2015 May;200(1):237-53.
OH10195 C. elegans ceh-43(tm480) III; him-8(e1489) IV; otIs225; norEx41. Show Description
otIs225 [cat-4::GFP]. norEx41 [ceh-43 (fosmid) + dat-1::mCherry]. Him. tm480 embryonic lethality is rescued by extrachromosomal array. Pick mCherry+ animals to maintain.
CY577 C. elegans bvIs6. Show Description
bvIs6 [cat-4p::GFP + gcy-7p::GFP]. GFP localized to intestine, neurons and hypodermis in adults. GFP localized to neurons and seam cells in dauers. Reference: Iser WB, et al. PLoS One. 2011 Mar 9;6(3):e17369.
OH16737 C. elegans otIs788. Show Description
otIs788 [cat-4p::GFP::cla-1 + cat-4p::mCherry + inx-16p::tagRFP]. GFP-tagged CLA-1 provides a synaptic marker in HSN neurons. Reference: Leyva-Diaz E & Hobert O. Current Biol. 2022 Mar 3;S0960-9822(22)00262-7. PMID: 35259341
OH16949 C. elegans otIs736; evIs111. Show Description
otIs736 [cat-4p::mCherry + rol-6(su1006)]. evIs111 [F25B3.3::GFP + dpy-20(+)]. Rollers. Pan-neural GFP expression. The two HSN neurons are marked with both GFP and mCherry. Can be used to isolate HSN by FACS. Used by CeNGEN project for RNA-Seq (
OH17225 C. elegans otEx7760. Show Description
otEx7760 [cat-4p::mCherry + zig-3p::mCherry + zig-3p::NLG1::GFP1-10 + cat-4p::NLG1::GFP11 + inx-6(prom18)::TagRFP]. BDU-HSN GRASP synaptic reporter. Please contact Oliver Hobert prior to publishing work using this strain.