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Strain Species Genotype
LA62 C. elegans byDf1 X. Show Description
Superficially WT. byDf1 completely suppresses the Egl defect of sel-12 mutants. byDf1 derepresses the transcription of hop-1 in the early larval stages. byDf1 is a deletion of 31,069 bases from position 3052 of cosmid F46H6 to position 6698 of cosmid C07A12 with a single A base pair insertion. byDf1 deletes F46H6.2/dgk-2, F46H6.4, F46H6.1/rhi-1, C07A12.5/spr-3 and part of C07A12.7. byDf1 is null for spr-3 by sequence and northern analysis. Deletion can be detected with the primers RB1222 CTT ACT AGT ACT AGC TCG CG and RB1224 CCT GTC CAT AAG TGC AGT CC, which give a product of 1540 bp. This strain may not be used for commercial purposes.