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Strain Species Genotype
BN1029 C. elegans bqSi294 II; bqSi1027 IV. Show Description
bqSi294 [hsp16.41p::FRT::mCherry::his-58::FRT::GFP::his-58 + unc-119(+)] II; bqSi1027 [unc-122p::FLP::SL2::mNG + unc-119(+)] IV. Heat shock induces nuclear GFP expression in coelomocytes and nuclear mCherry expression elsewhere. Constitutive expression of diffusible mNeonGreen in coelomocytes can mask GFP::HIS-58 signal. Might carry unc-119(ed3) or unc-119(ed9) III. Reference: Fragoso-Luna A, et al. 2021 bioRxiv 2021.12.21.473632; doi: