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Strain Species Genotype
CF1700 C. elegans daf-16(mu86) I; mes-1(bn7) X; muEx248. Show Description
muEx248 [(pNL209) daf-16::GFP::daf-16(cDNA) + podr-1::RFP]. Pick green (body) / red (head neurons) animals. Transmission efficiency ~50%. Can be grown at 20C with some sterility (30-50%). The higher the temperture, the greater the sterility.
MAH68 C. elegans mes-1(bn7) X; adIs2122. Show Description
adIs2122 [lgg-1p::GFP::lgg-1 + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. Maintain at 15C or 20C. Approx. 50% sterility at 25C. Reference: Lapierre LR, Curr Biol. 2011 Sep 27;21(18):1507-14.
SS149 C. elegans mes-1(bn7) X. Show Description
Temperature-sensitive. Maintain at 15C. The embryos from homozygous mutant mothers display defects in the unequal cell divisions of P2 and P3, defects in partitioning of germ granules during these divisions, and defects in formation of the germ-line precursor cell P4. The embryos that lack P4 develop into sterile adults. These defects are incompletely expressed and sensitive to temperature. Homozygous mothers produce about 10% sterile progeny at 16C and 70% sterile progeny at 25C. The temperature-sensitive period is early in embryogenesis, from fertilization to about the 28-cell stage. See also WBPaper00002282.
BN711 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; bqSi711 IV. Show Description
bqSi711 [mex-5p::FLP::SL2::mNG + unc-119(+)] IV. Constitutive co-expression of codon-optimised FLP and fluorescent mNeonGreen in the germ line. Reference: Macias-Leon J & Askjaer P. (2018): Efficient FLP-mediated germ-line recombination in C. elegans. Micropublication:biology. Dataset.
BN793 C. elegans f="/strain/search?st1=bqSi189&sf1=all">bqSi189 II; f="/strain/search?st1=mel-28&sf1=all">mel-28(f="/strain/search?st1=bq17&sf1=all">bq17 [f="/strain/search?st1=g&sf1=all">g>f>p::f="/strain/search?st1=mel-28&sf1=all">mel-28]) III. Show Description
bqSi189 [lmn-1p::mCherry::his-58 + unc-119(+)] II. Cassette for GFP-labeling and FLP-mediated inactivation of endogenous mel-28 inserted by CRISPR/Cas9 after the mel-28 start codon. FRT sites in GFP introns 2 & 3 are indicated by ">" symbols in genotype. Ubiquitous expression of mCherry::HIS-58. Reference: Fragoso-Luna A, et al. 2021 bioRxiv 2021.12.21.473632; doi:
CB5365 C. elegans tra-3(bn75) IV; him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Him. Temperature-sensitive: infertile above 20C. Variably masculinized XX hermaphrodites segregating normal XO males. Stronger XX masculinization than null alleles of tra-3. Reference: Francis et al. (1995) PMID: 7713420.