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Strain Species Genotype
DQM1285 C. elegans bmdSi363 I; egl-43(bmd88[egl-43p::egl-43::LoxP::GFP::egl-43]) II. Show Description
bmdSi363 [^SEC^ser-2p::mKate2-STOP-STOP-DAMc1::VHH4GFP] I. Pick Rollers to maintain. Wild-type growth. NanoDam toolkit will allows identification of direct genomic targets of TFs as well as chromatin modifiers. In this system, Dam methylase is fused with a binding reagent, an anti-GFP nanobody (vhhGFP4). Thus, genome-wide profiling can be achieved by combining cell type-specific Dam::vhhGFP4 fusion constructs with GFP knock-in alleles.