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Strain Species Genotype
DQM1256 C. elegans bmdSi346 I; bmdSi297 II. Show Description
bmdSi346 [loxN::lin-31p::FLP]; inserted into safe harbor site ttTi4348 in Chr I. bmdSi297 [loxN::rpl-28p::FRT3::STOP::FRT3::TIR1(F79G)::T2A::DHB::2xmKate2]; inserted into safe harbor site ttTi5605 in Chr II. FLP-ON::TIR1 system for AID-tagged protein degradation in VPCs. High levels of TIR1(F79G) expression in vulval precursor cells by lin-31p::FLP with co-expression of CDK activity sensor. bmdSi297 contains the ubiquitous rpl-28 promoter driving expression of FRT3::STOP::FRT3::TIR1(F79G)::DHB construct dependent upon tissue-specific FLPase. High levels of TIR1(F79G) can be expressed in specific tissue or cell types via FLPase activity, allowing spatiotemporally-targeted degradation of AID-tagged proteins. Reference: Xiao Y, et al. An expandable FLP-ON::TIR1 system for precise spatiotemporal protein degradation in C. elegans. bioRxiv 2022.10.14.512315; doi: