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Strain Species Genotype
DQM1059 C. elegans bmdSi245 I; hda-1(bmd134[hda-1::GFP::loxP]) V. Show Description
bmdSi245 [^SEC^lin-29p::mKate2-STOP-STOP-DAMc1::VHH4GFP] I. Relatively slow growth compared to N2 animals. NanoDam toolkit will allows identification of direct genomic targets of TFs as well as chromatin modifiers. In this system, Dam methylase is fused with a binding reagent, an anti-GFP nanobody (vhhGFP4). Thus, genome-wide profiling can be achieved by combining cell type-specific Dam::vhhGFP4 fusion constructs with GFP knock-in alleles.
DQM1126 C. elegans icbSi228 II; unc-119(ed3) III; had-1(bmd134[had-1::GFP::loxP]) V. Show Description
icbSi228 [ttTi5605_right::wrt-2p::wcherry::Dam:linker:egl-13NLS:vhhGFP4::unc-54::unc1193'UTR::unc-119::unc-119p::ttTi5605_left)] II. Wild-type growth and movement.