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Strain Species Genotype
ZM11207 C. elegans twk-40(bln336) III; hpIs860. Show Description
hpIs860 [twk-40p(short)::eGFP + myo-2p::wCherry]. twk-40 gain-of-function allele. Paralyzed, no backward movement upon head touch. Cytosolic GFP expression in AVA, AVE & AVB in the head, with the strongest signal in AVA. Additional fluorescent signal in RVG (SAB) and tail (DVA).
ZM11284 C. elegans twk-40(bln336) III; hpEx4479. Show Description
hpEx4479 [npr-4p::snb-1::pHluorin + lin-15(+)]. Pick animals with green fluorescence in VNC to maintain. twk-40(bln336) is a gain-of-function allele. Paralyzed; no backward movement upon head touch. Synapse exocytosis marker for AVA. Transgenic animals exhibit punctate fluorescent signals along AVA neurites in the ventral cord, with weaker expression than in a wild-type background.