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Strain Species Genotype
RAF2181 C. elegans ieSi57 II; daf-2(bch-40[degron::3xFLAG::STOP::SL2::SV40::degron::wrmScarlet::egl-13NLS]) unc-119(ed3) III. Show Description
ieSi57 [eft-3p::TIR1::mRuby::unc-54 3'UTR + Cbr-unc-119(+)] II. Degron tag inserted into endogenous daf-2 locus. ieSi57 is a single-copy transgene insertion into chromosome II (oxTi179) expressing modified Arabidopsis thaliana TIR1 tagged with mRuby in the soma. This strain can be used for auxin-inducible degradation (AID) of target proteins in somatic tissues. Reference: Venz R, et al. Elife. 2021 Sep 10;10:e71335. doi: 10.7554/eLife.71335. PMID: 34505574.