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Strain Species Genotype
NA13 C. elegans gus-1(b410) I. Show Description
5% of the wild type b-glucuronidase activity.
CB4104 C. elegans mab-12(e2166) IV; him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Males have abnormal swollen bursa. Hermaphrodites have abnormal swollen vulva.
CB4108 C. elegans fog-2(q71) V. Show Description
Male/female strain. Maintain by mating. XX animals are female. XO animals are WT males.
NA43 C. elegans gus-1(b410gb173) I; him-8(e1489) IV. Show Description
Intragenic revertant restoring to almost WT level of b-glucuronidase activity. Throws males.