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Strain Species Genotype
NA39 C. elegans gus-1(b405) unc-54(e190) I. Show Description
Undectectable levels of b-glucuronidase activity. Limp paralysed phenotype at all stages. Larvae can move slightly more than adults. Egl.
CB4050 C. elegans tra-2(e2046e2115) unc-4(e120) II; sup-7(st5) X. Show Description
Phenotypically wildtype XX hermaphrodite at 20C; poor viability and fertility at 25C. Rare XO animals are hermaphrodite due to suppression of amber mutation e2115 and consequent transformation of XO due to tra-2(e2046) gain-of-function. Reference: Hodgkin & Albertson (1995) PMID: 8647390.
CB4053 C. elegans egl-26(e1952) II; tra-3(e1767) IV. Show Description
Self-fertile intersexual XX animals. Tra-3 masculinized phenotype suppressed by egl-26 mutation. Reference: Hodgkin (1986) PMID: 3770465.