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Strain Species Genotype
PR1158 C. elegans cha-1(b401) IV. Show Description
Temperature sensitive. Unc-difficulty in crawling backwards. Behavior phenotype more pronounced at 25C than at 16C or 20C. Trichlorfon resistant. This strain replaced strain DH401 because Mike Nonet tested DH401 and found it didn't contain cha-1, but did have an unc-11 mutation (5/97).
CB4015 C. elegans fem-3(e1999) IV. Show Description
Weakest known fem-3 mutation. Viable non-temperature-sensitive self-fertile XX hermaphrodites. e1999 XO males are slightly feminized, sometimes male-fertile. Reference: Hodgkin (1986) PMID: 3770465.
CB4017 C. elegans fem-1(hc17) him-8(e1489) IV; unc-1(e1598) X. Show Description
Severely Uncoordinated; Him; feminized at temperatures above 20C. Grow at 15C. Used for generating patroclinous WT males, by exploiting non-disjunction caused by him-8, and dominant sex-linked unc-1.