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Strain Species Genotype
CB1408 C. elegans unc-83(e1408) V. Show Description
Marginally Unc-cannot back. Lethargic. Migration pre VC defect. M-MATING+POOR <1%WT.
CB1410 C. elegans unc-84(e1410) X. Show Description
Marginally Unc-kinky backing. Temperature sensitive. Migration pre VC defect. M-MATING+POOR <1%WT. Can be maintained at 20C.
CB1413 C. elegans lin-7(e1413) II. Show Description
Vulvaless. Incomplete penetrance. Recessive. Males can mate.
CB1414 C. elegans unc-85(e1414) II. Show Description
Bursae abnormal. Lineage abnormal. Unc-kinky backing. Unc-lurches forward. Egl. M-MATING-NO SUCCESS. Rec'd new stock from J. Hodgkin 12/4/00.
CB1416 C. elegans unc-86(e1416) III. Show Description
Egg-laying deficient. Lineage abnormal. Mechanosensory abnormal. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT. Serotonin def.
CB1417 C. elegans lin-3(e1417) IV. Show Description
Vulvaless. Recessive. M-MATING+++ 10-30%WT.
CB1419 C. elegans unc-54(e1419) I. Show Description
Unc. Suppressed by sup-5 and sup-7.
CB1421 C. elegans unc-52(e1421) II. Show Description
Dystrophic body muscle. Weak allele.
CB1439 C. elegans lin-10(e1439) I. Show Description
CB1449 C. elegans lin-7(e1449) II. Show Description
CB1456 C. elegans lin-17(e1456) I. Show Description
CB1459 C. elegans unc-87(e1459) I. Show Description
Unc. Very slow movement. Adults paralyzed. Eggs laid.
CB1460 C. elegans unc-89(e1460) I. Show Description
Body muscle abnormal. Movement almost WT. Slightly small. M-MATING+++ 10-30%WT.
CB1464 C. elegans sup-5(e1464) III. Show Description
Suppressor. Null allele. Sterile at 15C. Grow between 22.5 and 24C.
CB1467 C. elegans him-5(e1467) V. Show Description
20% XO self-progeny at 16C. Recessive. Temperature sensitive. M-MATING++++ >30%WT.
CB1472 C. elegans mec-6(e1342) I. Show Description
Mechanosensory abnormal. Touch insensitive. Lethargic.
CB1477 C. elegans mec-7(e1343) X. Show Description
Mechanosensory abnormal - semidominant. Lethargic at 25C. Neurons/Touch abnormal.
CB1479 C. elegans him-6(e1423) IV. Show Description
15% XO self-progeny. 6% XXX self-progeny. Low brood size. 78% unhatched eggs. General non-disjunction. Recessive.
CB1480 C. elegans him-7(e1480) V. Show Description
3% XO self-progeny. Recessive.M-MATING+++ 10-30%WT.
CB1482 C. elegans sma-6(e1482) II. Show Description
Short adult and late larvae.
CB1487 C. elegans xpf-1(e1487) II. Show Description
Recessive. M-MATING++++ >30%WT.
CB1489 C. elegans him-8(e1489) IV. Show Description
37% XO self-progeny. 6% XXX self-progeny. Recessive. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT. [Background mutation that causes rays 8 and 9 to fuse.]
CB1490 C. elegans ali-1(e1934) him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Faint or invisible alae in L1. Segregates males.
CB1494 C. elegans mec-9(e1494) V. Show Description
Mechanosensory abnormal. Touch insensitive. Lethargic. Recessive. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT.
CB15 C. elegans unc-8(e15) IV. Show Description
CB1503 C. elegans mec-5(e1503) X. Show Description
Mechanosensory abnormal. Temperature sensitive. Mec at 25C. WT at 15C.
CB1507 C. elegans unc-86(e1507) III. Show Description
HSN-. Egl. Mec.
CB151 C. elegans unc-3(e151) X. Show Description
CB1511 C. elegans him-10(e1511) III. Show Description
Temperature sensitive. 2% XO self-progeny at 15C, 12% at 20C, and 27% at 25C. M-MATING++++ >30%WT.
CB1515 C. elegans mec-10(e1515) X. Show Description
Touch insensitive. Lethargic.
CB1517 C. elegans eDf2 III; eDp6 (III;f). Show Description
DpyUnc. See also WBPaper0000498 and WBPaper00002306.
CB1518 C. elegans her-1(e1518) V. Show Description
XX animals are WT. XO animals are fertile hermaphrodites.
CB152 C. elegans unc-5(e152) IV. Show Description
CB155 C. elegans unc-27(e155) X. Show Description
CB156 C. elegans unc-25(e156) III. Show Description
Shrinker-contracts both dorsally and ventrally when prodded. Slow, poor backing. Slightly small.
CB1561 C. elegans her-1(e1561) V. Show Description
WT appearance. XO fertile hermaphrodites. Temperature sensitive.
CB1562 C. elegans vab-7(e1562) III. Show Description
Unc. Tail abnormalities-twisted or knobbed. Recessive. M-MATING-NO SUCCESS.
CB1597 C. elegans unc-103(e1597) III. Show Description
Semidominant. Paralyzed Unc. Prone to spontaneous suppression.
CB1598 C. elegans unc-1(e1598) X. Show Description
Coiler Unc. Dominant.
CB1600 C. elegans tra-2(f70) II. Show Description
Transforms XX to males. Variable expression. Masculinized self-fertile hermaphrodite. tra-2(f70) was crossed into the N2 background to construct a dpy-10 tra-2 unc-4 triple mutant, then crossed to remove the flanking dpy and unc (Jonathan Hodgkin).
CB1611 C. elegans mec-4(e1611) X. Show Description
Mechanosensory abnormal. Touch insensitive. Dominant. Cells become vacuolated and die.
CB164 C. elegans dpy-17(e164) III. Show Description
Dpy. Larvae abnormal. M-MATING+++ 10-30%WT.
CB169 C. elegans unc-31(e169) IV. Show Description
Slow moving Unc. Recessive. M-MATING+POOR <1%WT.
CB1747 C. elegans unc-13(e309) I; sup-6(st19)/+ II; daf-1(e1146) IV. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, UncDaf and Lethals. Suppressed Unc in hets. Suppressed Daf in hets. sup-6 is recessive lethal.
CB177 C. elegans unc-46(e177) V. Show Description
Unc. Recessive. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT.
CB182 C. elegans dpy-3(e182) X. Show Description
Dpy. Recessive. M-MATING+POOR <1%WT.
CB184 C. elegans dpy-13(e184) IV. Show Description
Semi-dominant Dpy. Mapping marker standard. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT.
CB185 C. elegans lon-1(e185) III. Show Description
Long. Abnormal bursae. Epistatic to Small. Recessive. M-MATING-NO SUCCESS.
CB187 C. elegans rol-6(e187) II. Show Description
Right hand Roller. Recessive. M-MATING-NO SUCCESS.
CB188 C. elegans dpy-14(e188) I. Show Description
Dpy. Abnormal larvae. Temperature sensitive: lethal at 25C. M-MATING-NO SUCCESS.