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Strain Species Genotype
AG165 C. elegans san-1(av31) unc-13(e450) I. Show Description
Unc. Reduced brood size. Larval lethal, larval arrest. Steriles. Bursts at vulva. Can be maintained as a homozygote.
AV311 C. elegans dpy-18(e364) unc-3(e151) meT7 (III;X;IV). Show Description
Dpy. Unc. meT7 is an end-to-end-to-end fusion of chromosomes III, X, and V. The right end of III is fused to the left end of X, and the right end of X is fused to the left end of IV. Constructed by crossing eT5 and mnT12. meT7 homozygotes produce 92% viable progeny. meT7 heterozygotes are Him and produce many dead eggs.