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Strain Species Genotype
WU1854 C. elegans pcn-1(am315[3xFLAG]) IV/nT1 [qIs51] (IV;V). Show Description
Homozygous maternal effect lethal mutation balanced by GFP-marked translocation. Heterozygotes are WT with pharyngeal GFP signal, and segregate WT GFP, arrested nT1[qIs51] aneuploids, and non-GFP am315 homozygotes (maternal effect lethal). Homozygous nT1[qIs51] inviable. Pick wild-type GFP and check for correct segregation of progeny to maintain. 3xFLAG epitope allows antibody detection of full-length PCN-1. Reference: Kocsisova Z, et al. BMC Dev Biol. 2018 May 30;18(1):12.