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Strain Species Genotype
MH2385 C. elegans ain-1(ku322) X. Show Description
WT looking worms. 40% alae gap. ku322 suppresses lin-31(lf) Muv phenotype. Received new stock 8/2006 from Han lab.
MH4177 C. elegans ain-1(tm3681) X. Show Description
Developmental timing delay. Maintain under normal conditions. Reference: Zhang X, et al. PNAS. 2011 Nov 1;108(44):17997-8002.
MH3084 C. elegans ain-2(tm1863) I; ain-1(ku322) X. Show Description
Double mutants displayed a severe defect in seam-cell development, implicating a retarded heterochronic phenotype. Protruding vulva phenotype. Increased number of seam cells. Reference: Zhang L, et al. Mol Cell. 2007 Nov 30;28(4):598-613. PMID: 18042455
MH4176 C. elegans ain-1(ku425) X. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. Identified in a screen for suppressors of the Multivulva (Muv) phenotype in lin-31 loss-of-function (lf) mutants. Reference: Ding L, et al. Mol Cell. 2005 Aug 19;19(4):437-47. PMID: 16109369.