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Strain Species Genotype
DA823 C. elegans egl-30(ad805) I. Show Description
Suppressor of gpb-2 (a.k.a. eat-11) arecoline hypersensitivity. Unc. Egl.
KG1180 C. elegans lite-1(ce314) X. Show Description
Defective response to short wavelength light; response strongly reduced but not eliminated. All other characteristics seem wild type, including reponse to mechanosensory stimuli. Strong, probably null, allele. This mutation also blocks the coordinated light response of unc-31(e928) and egl-30(ad805). To identify lite-1 homozygous mutants when crossing into different backgrounds, use a fluorescence stereomicroscope with a GFP filter and zoom to the hightest magnification (60-100X) to distinguish Lite from non-Lite animals. This works best when the animals are mired in thicker parts of the food to slow their spontaneous locomotion but not their response to light. Scan animals around the edge of the food where it is thickest. Leave the lid of the plate off for a minute or so before starting to let the animals adjust to air currents.