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Strain Species Genotype
DA1035 C. elegans egl-19(ad695) IV; unc-2(e55) X. Show Description
Unc. Semi-dominant Eat (TB relaxation defective).
DA695 C. elegans egl-19(ad695) IV. Show Description
Abnormal feeding. Relaxation defective. Smallish. Males don't mate. Semidominant. Previously called eat-12. See also WBPaper00002912.
DA768 C. elegans bli-6(sc16) egl-19(ad695) unc-24(e138)/nDf41 IV. Show Description
Heterozygotes are Blistered and Eat (terminal bulb relaxation defective). Heterozygotes segregate BliEat, BliEatUnc and dead eggs. ad695 previously called eat-12.
DA944 C. elegans unc-36(e251) III; egl-19(ad695) IV. Show Description
Unc. Semidominant Eat (TB relaxation defective).
KJ487 C. elegans vha-8(jh135)/bli-6(sc16) egl-19(ad695) unc-24(e318) IV. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, Bli Unc, and dead larva. vha-8(jh135) homozygotes are larval lethal.
LS706 C. elegans dys-1(cx18) I; egl-19(ad695) IV. Show Description