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Strain Species Genotype
ZM11286 C. elegans hpIs636; hpEx4479. Show Description
hpIs636 [rig-3p::HisCl1::SL2::mCherry]. hpEx4479 [npr-4p::snb-1::pHluorin + lin-15(+)]. Pick animals with green fluorescence in VNC to maintain. Synapse exocytosis marker in AVA. Transgenic animals exhibit punctate green fluorescent signals along AVA neurites in the ventral cord, with stronger expression than in a wild-type background. mCherry and HisCl1 expression in AVA soma and neurites. In the presence of histamine, the SNB-1::pHluorin intensity will decrease in neurites.
ZM1385 C. elegans hpIs66. Show Description
hpIs66 [nab-1::GFP]. Reporter contains nab-1 genomic clone with 9 kb promoter sequence upstream of ATG, the entire nab-1 gene with GFP inserted immediately before the stop codon, and the 1 kb downstream sequence. Animals are slightly short with malformed tail in hermaphrodites. GFP localized in puncta at synapses in nerve cords and nerve ring. GFP localization also along the excretory canals, and some vulva expression. Reference: Hung W, et al. Development. 2007 Jan;134(2):237-49.
ZM8302 C. elegans twk-40(hp834) III. Show Description
Loss-of-function allele. Loopy movement with increased reversals.
ZW477 C. elegans bkip-1(zw10) II. Show Description
Increased angle of head bending. Maintain under normal conditions. Reference: Chen B, et al. J Neurosci. 2010 Dec 8;30(49):16651-61.