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Strain Species Genotype
JH4073 C. elegans pgl-3(ax4516[pgl-3(delta448-693)::3xFLAG]) V; meg-3(ax3054[meg-3::meGFP]) X. Show Description
3xFlag tag inserted at truncated C-terminus of endogenous pgl-3 locus. Inserted into parental strain JH3503 meg-3(ax3054[meg-3::meGFP]). Reference: Ouyang JPT, et al. Nature Cell Biology 2022 (24)1129–1140. DOI: 10.1038/s41556-022-00940-w.
KG2730 C. elegans clu-1(ok2). Show Description
Mild locomotory defects, sluggish response to physical stimuli, and reduced thrashing rate. Phenotype more severe than ok3. ok2 is a 1189 bp deletion (III:9519159-9520346) removing amino acids 314-693 and inserting a glutamic acid at the deletion site. Flanking sequence: GACCGACTTCCAACCAGTTACCCAG...ATGTTATGAAGTTCAATCCGGATTGTTTCTC ATCAAATGT.