Rearrangement Information

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Descriptionno description available
Genetic positiongenetic position unknown or not listed
Genomic positiongenomic coordinates unknown or not listed

Strains carrying this rearrangement

Strain Genotype Species Description
FX19163 mca-3(tm6395)/tmIn11 IV. C. elegans Homozygous lethal deletion allele balanced by Unc-marked translocation. Heterozygotes are wild-type and segregate wild-type heterozygotes, lethal tm6395 homozygotes, and Unc tmIn11 homozygotes. Break points: In(kvs-5 unc-17) IV. Covered region (Mb) 2.9 (0.7..3.6) [NOTE: the genotype originally listed for this strain in Table 2 of Dejima, et al. was incorrect.] Reference: Dejima K, et al. Cell Rep. 2018 Jan 2;22(1):232-241.