Rearrangement Information

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DescriptionRecommended use: General balancing, strain construction, strain maintenance. Summary: Free duplication, well characterized, does not recombine with normal LG X. Effective balancer for right portion of LG X from around the right end through unc-9. Handling: Easy to manipulate. Males carrying duplication mate well. Shows some tendency for somatic loss.
Genetic positiongenetic position unknown or not listed
Genomic positiongenomic coordinates unknown or not listed

Strains carrying this rearrangement

Strain Genotype Species Description
CGC37 unc-3(e151) X; mnDp3 [umnIs26] (X;f). C. elegans umnIs26 [myo-2p::GFP + NeoR, X: 15420938 (intergenic)]. Pick wild-type GFP+ to maintain. Segregates wild-type GFP+ and Unc GFP-. Derived by insertion of myo-2p::GFP transgene into mnDp3 duplication in parental strain SP123 using CRISPR/Cas9.
SP123 unc-3(e151) X; mnDp3 (X;f). C. elegans Strain throws WT and Uncs. Maintain by picking WT.