Gene Information: inx-8

Nameinx-8 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionIV:5.15 +/- 0.008 cM
Genomic positionIV: 11673843..11675635

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
DG3614 inx-8(tn1474) inx-9(ok1502) IV; tnEx195. tnEx195 [inx-8(+) + inx-9(+) + sur-5::GFP]. Pick GFP+ animals to maintain. Animals carrying tnEx195 are wild-type; animals that have lost the array are sterile and produce few germ cells. Reference: Starich TA, Hall DH, Greenstein D. Genetics. 2014 Nov;198(3):1127-53.
VC116 inx-8(gk42) IV. ZK792.2. Superficially wild type. Attribution: This strain was provided by the C. elegans Reverse Genetics Core Facility at the University of British Columbia, which is part of the international C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use. Paper_evidence WBPaper00041807