Gene Information: dmsr-1

Namedmsr-1 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionV:3.10 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionV: 11438764..11441638

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
NQ792 qnIs303 IV; dmsr-1(qn45) V. qnIs303 [hsp-16.2p::flp-13 + hsp-16.2p::GFP + rab-3p::mCherry] IV. Pumps and moves 2 hours after heat induced flp-13 over-expression. Outcrossed 1x to NQ570. Reference: Iannacone M, et al. eLife 2017.
NQ915 dmsr-1(qn45) V. Pumps and moves 30 minutes after 30-minute 35 deg heat shock. Derived by outcrossing NQ792 to remove transgene. Reference: Iannacone M, et al. eLife 2017.
PS8789 dmsr-1(sy1522) V. Superficially wild-type. CRISPR/Cas9 engineered STOP-IN null mutant of dmsr-1. Universal 43bp-long knock-in insertion with 3-frame stop codon (STOP-IN cassette). left flanking sequence: CCTATACATGCCTACTTATCAATATTTCTATGCGT right flanking sequence: GTTGGGTACAATCGCTAATTTCTGTAACATCGTCG inserted sequence between the two flanking sequence (STOP-IN cassette): GGGAAGTTTGTCCAGAGCAGAGGTGACTAAGTGATAAgctagc. sgRNA: TCAATATTTCTATGCGTGTT Method Reference: G3 (Bethesda).