Gene Information: tsn-1

Nametsn-1 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionII:-3.14 +/- 0.006 cM
Genomic positionII: 4706821..4710168

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
VH742 tsn-1(hd42) II. F10G7.2. External left primer: AGAACTTTGTCGGATCGATTGT. External right primer: TCTCCGTACTCCCAAATGTTCT. Internal left primer: AAAGAGACTTCGCTTGTGGAAG. Internal right primer: ACCTTCTTGTTTCCACTGTCGT. Internal WT amplicon: 1729 bp. Deletion size: 878 bp. Deletion left flank: AACAACTTTATAAAATTGTATTTTTTTTTT. Deletion right flank: ACGTCCAACTCACTTCTGATGCTTTCGCCC. This strain was provided by the Hutter Lab at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC), which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use.