Gene Information: oma-2

Nameoma-2 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionV:1.00 +/- 0.000 cM
Genomic positionV: 8029439..8031214

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
LP393 oma-2(cp145[mNG-C1^3xFlag::oma-2]) V. mNG::OMA-2 endogenously tagged using Cas9-triggered homologous recombination. Reference: Dickinson DJ, et al. Dev Cell. 2017 Aug 21;42(4):416-434.e11. (PMID 28829947).
TX183 oma-1(zu405te33)/nT1 [unc-?(n754) let-?] IV; oma-2(te51)/nT1 V. Heterozygotes are Unc and segregate Unc and non-Unc steriles (oma-1; oma-2 homozygotes). The Oma animal has an empty uterus and lots of oocytes in the gonad arms. Maintain by picking Uncs. zu405 is a gain-of-function mutation which results in temperature sensitive, embryonic lethality. Loss-of-function mutation in either oma-1 or oma-2 alone does not have a detectable phenotype. te33 is a dominant suppressor of the zu405 embryonic lethality. te51 is a mutation that, in the oma-1(zu405te33) background, gives an Oma (Ooctye Maturation defective) phenotype. [NOTE (09/2016; D. Greenstein, unpublished results): The two molecular changes in te33 are different than reported by Detwiler et al. (2001), but nonetheless result in a strong loss of oma-1 function. Sequencing of the original isolate of te33 gave the same result (S. Robertson and R. Lin, unpublished results).] This strain carrying oma-1(zu405te33) contains the following mutations: zu405 [C8889984T; P240L] and te33 [C8889978A, S238stop & C8889863T, H200Y].
TX431 oma-2(te51) V.