Gene Information: mut-2

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Species C. elegans
Genetic positionI:1.06 +/- 0.009 cM
Genomic positionI: 6356614..6358411

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
CX3019 mut-2(r459) I; dpy-19(n1347) glr-1(ky176) III. Nose touch defective (recessive). Mechanosensory defective (semi-dominant). Mildly Dpy (ts).
MT3126 mut-2(r459) I; dpy-19(n1347) III. Very mildly Dpy Tc1-induced dpy-19 allele. Generates severe Dpys when Tc1 hops out of dpy-19 (doesn't excise cleanly). See also WBPaper00001672. [Some concern whether the Mut phenotype in this strain is actually mut-2 because it showed no transposition of Tc3 or other Tc's besides Tc1. 1/95.]
NL1100 mut-2(r459) I; prk-1(pk86::Tc1) III. Insertion in CCTTCAGAAG TA TGTCATTTGG.
NL1136 mut-2(r459) I; gpa-5(pk375) X.
NL242 mut-2(r459) I; flp-1(pk41::Tc1) IV. TTTAAAACG TA CTTACCTTT
NL243 mut-2(r459) I; ZK637.13(pk42) III. insertion: TTCTGTGAAC TA TGTCAAAAT
NL244 nhr-2(pk43::Tc1) mut-2(r459) I. Dpyish.
NL245 mut-2(r459) I; elt-2(pk46::Tc1) X. Insertion in GGTCAAACG TA AGTTAAAGT.
NL705 glc-2(pk55); mut-2(r459) I. glc-2(pk55) previously called avm-2(pk55).
NL706 mut-2(r459) cap-1(pk56::Tc1) I.
NL708 mut-2(r459) I; cct-1(pk58::Tc1) II. TTCTCACA TA ATTCCGATCT. Somewhat Dpyish.
NL711 mut-2(r459) I; feb-1(pk61).
NL712 mut-2(r459) I; sem-2(pk64).
NL713 mut-2(r459) I; sox-2(pk65). K08A8.2. Location of the insertion: TCACGTATCT TA CATATTATAT.
NL714 mut-2(r459) I; sox-3(pk66). F40E10.2. Location of the insertion: ATTAATAATA TA ACTATTGAAA.
NL716 mut-2(r459) I; sod-4(pk68) III. F55H2.
NL723 mpk-1(pk79) mut-2(r459) I.
NL726 mut-2(r459) I; kin-18(pk71) III. T17E9.1
NL737 mut-2(r459) I; mek-1(pk97) X. K08A8.1 Previously called kin-17(pk97).
NL742 rskn-1(pk209::Tc1) mut-2(r459) I. Dpyish. Primers used to isolate pk209 are: cgatcctcgacagtttgaactgc & cgagattcagggcatgtctatgc.
PS1678 mut-2(?) goa-1(pk62) I.
TW332 mut-2(r459) I. Mutator.
WM286 mut-2(ne3370) I. RNAi deficient. Temperature-sensitive sterile. In-frame deletion. Reference: Chen CC, et al. Curr Biol. 2005 Feb 22;15(4):378-83.
WM30 mut-2(ne298) I. RNAi deficient. Transposon high-hopper strain. Him. 10% dead embryos probably due to nondisjunction.