Gene Information: unc-86

Nameunc-86 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionIII:-0.36 +/- 0.002 cM
Genomic positionIII: 8212740..8216336

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
CB1416 unc-86(e1416) III. Egg-laying deficient. Lineage abnormal. Mechanosensory abnormal. M-MATING++ 1-10%WT. Serotonin def.
CB1507 unc-86(e1507) III. HSN-. Egl. Mec.
MT1350 lin-8(n111) II; lin-9(n112) unc-86(e1416) III. Unc. Muv.
MT1853 unc-86(n843) III. Him. Lethargic. Mec. Egl.
MT1855 unc-86(n844) III. Unc. Egl. Non-Him.
MT1857 unc-86(n845) III. Unc. Non-him.
MT1859 unc-86(n846) III. Unc.
MT1861 unc-86(n847) dpy-19(e1259) III. Unc-Lethargic. Mec. Egl. ts Dpy. n847 has a Him phenotype.
MT1862 unc-86(n848) III. Unc. Temperature sensitive allele.
MT1976 unc-86(n946) III. HSN-. Egl. Mec.
MT306 unc-86(n306) III. Bloated. Mec. Egl. Him.
MT4917 unc-86(n946) ced-7(n1892) unc-50(e306) unc-49(e382) III.
MT5259 unc-86(n946) ced-7(n1892) unc-50(e306) unc-49(e382) dpy-18(e364) III.
MT5260 unc-86(n946) ced-7(n1892) unc-50(e306) III.
MT9056 nDf20 III; nDp2 [unc-86(e1416)] (III;f). Segregates Unc-86 animals and dead eggs.
OH12734 unc-86(n846) III; otEx5851. otEx5851 [unc-86(fosmid)::NLS::mChopti + lin-44::YFP]. Pick YFP+ to maintain.
OH15227 unc-86(ot893[unc-86::3xFlag::mNeonGreen::AID]) III. unc-86(ot893) is a CRISPR/Cas9 engineered translational reporter (nuclear mNeonGreen expression). Endogenous unc-86 locus is tagged 3xFlag::mNeonGreen::AID (Auxin Inducible Degron) at the 3' end. The mNeonGreen::AID cassette was inserted right before the stop codon of the unc-86 locus, using a guide RNA that targets a sequence overlapping the unc-86 locus STOP codon (target sequence: GGATTCTTTGATTAGTTTCG). Reference: Serrano-Saiz E, (2018). BRN3-type POU homeobox genes maintain the identity of mature postmitotic neurons in nematodes and mice. Curr Biol (in press).