Gene Information: lin-28

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Species C. elegans
Genetic positionI:2.79 +/- 0.009 cM
Genomic positionI: 8407630..8410804

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
BW708 lin-28(n719) daf-8(e1393) I. Egl. Constitutive dauer (Daf-c) at 25C.
BW774 lin-28(n719) unc-29(e1072) I. Egl and Unc.
MT1524 lin-28(n719) I. Egl.
MT1537 lin-28(n719) I; lin-14(n536) X.
MT1538 lin-28(n719) I; lin-4(e912) II.
MT2003 lin-28(n719) unc-29(e403) I. Egl. Unc.
MT2007 dpy-5(e61) lin-28(n719) I. Dpy. Egl.
MT2015 lin-28(n947) I. L3 alae. L4 blip.
MT2306 lin-28(n1119) I. Precocious.
VT1102 lin-28(n719) I; lin-46(ma164) nDf51 V; mir-84(n4037) X. Strong retarded heterochronic phenotype, reiteration of L2-stage program resulting in extra seam cells and failure to generate alae. nDf51 is a 5930 bp deletion starting 1762 bp upstream of mir-241, removing mir-241, mir-48, and F56A12.6 (snoRNA).
VT1103 lin-28(n719) I; nDf51 V; mir-84(n4037) X. Precocious heterochronic phenotype, omission of L2-stage program resulting in fewer seam cells by the L3 stage worms. Precocious alae formation. nDf51 is a 5930 bp deletion starting 1762 bp upstream of mir-241, removing mir-241, mir-48, and F56A12.6 (snoRNA).
VT3922 lin-28(n719) I; daf-12(ma497[daf-12::gfp]) hbl-1(ma430[hbl-1::mScarlet-I]) X. Precocious heterochronic phenotypes as preciously reported for lin-28(n719). Endogenous daf-12 locus tagged with GFP. hbl-1(ma430) is a CRISPR/Cas9-edited allele, which contains a linker and the mScarlet-I sequence integrated in-frame with hbl-1. Reference: Ilbay O & Ambros V. Development. 2019 Nov 6;146(21).
VT581 dpy-5(e61) lin-28(n719) I; lin-46(ma164) unc-76(e911) V. Dpy Unc. Egl+. lin-46 suppresses precocious Egl- phenotype of lin-28. lin-46 alone makes gaps in adult alae; enhanced at 15C.
VT592 lin-28(n719) lin-10(n1390) I. Vul.
VT664 lin-28(n719) I; nIs2 IV. nIs2 [lin-11::lacZ + lin-11(+)] IV. Egl. Integrated on IV near dpy-20.
VT723 lin-28(n719) I; lin-3(e1417) IV. Egl. Vulvaless due to lin-3. Precocious VPC divisions and adult alae due to lin-28.
VT757 lin-28(n719) I; lin-12(n137n460) III. Only gives a decent brood size at 20C. At 15C: Muv/Blip. At 20C: some Muv/Blip, some Blip but not Muv. At 25C: Not Muv, but do have Blip (due to lin-12). Egl- at all temps.