Gene Information: dpy-7

Namedpy-7 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionX:-1.60 +/- 0.007 cM
Genomic positionX: 7536467..7537792

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
BE27 dpy-7(sc27) X. Temperature sensitive. Left hand Roller and Dpy at 25C. Dpyish at 16C. Recessive.
CB1324 dpy-7(e1324) X. Dpy. Roller left hand. Temperature sensitive.
CB88 dpy-7(e88) X. Dpy.
DR38 dpy-7(m38) X. Temperature sensitive Dpy. Penetrance is incomplete. Left hand roller. Roller low penetrance. Maternal sterile at 25C.
DR921 dpy-7(sc27) daf-9(e1406)/lon-2(e678) X. Heterozygotes are WT. At 25C the hets segregate DpyDafs, WT and Lon. At 15C the hets segregate Dafs, WT and Lon. [dpy-7(sc27) is temperature sensitive. At 25C it is larger than most Dpys and has a tendency to roll. Not expressed at 15C.] Maintain by picking WT.
GR2118 daf-9(e1406) dpy-7(sc27) X; mgEx663. mgEx663 [dpy-7p::daf-9B(cDNA)::GFP + mec-7::GFP]. Pick GFP+ to maintain. GFP fusion containing 0.4 kb dpy-7 promoter and daf-9 isoform B cDNA. Reference: Mak HY, Ruvkun G. Development. 2004 Apr;131(8):1777-86.
KR1876 +/hT3[dpy-5(e61)] I; dpy-7(e88) unc-3(e151)/hT3 X. Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, DpyUncs and Dpys. Balancer is quite unstable and prone to breaking down. Grows better at 15C.
MT1392 dpy-7(e1324) sma-5(n678) X. Dpy (ts) Sma.
MT1484 lin-18(e620) dpy-7(e1324) X. e1324 is a ts allele - animals are Dpy at 25C. Some hermaphrodites (<50%) have single small protrusion posterior to vulva, occassional vulval rupture.
MT468 dpy-7(e88) unc-6(n102) X. Dpy. Unc. Retains eggs.