Gene Information: let-2

Namelet-2 View on WormBase
Species C. elegans
Genetic positionX:23.92 +/- 0.003 cM
Genomic positionX: 16380597..16389340

Strains carrying this gene

Strain Genotype Description
BC13861 dpy-5(e907) I; sIs13252. sIs13252[rCesF01G12.5a::GFP + pCeh361]. Maintain by picking WT. WT animals are GFP+. Strain construction supported by Genome British Columbia and Genome Canada. Please acknowledge McKay et al, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 68: 159-169 2004 (WBPaper00006525).
DH246 let-2(b246) X. Temperature sensitive embryonic lethal. Grows at 15C, 20C. Lethal at 25C (embryonic). See also CGC 1806.
GG25 let-2(g25) X. Temperature sensitive. Maintain at 15C. See also CGC 1806.
GG30 let-2(g30) X. Temperature sensitive. Maintain at 15C. No growth at 20C. See also CGC 1806.
GG37 let-2(g37) X. Temperature sensitive. Maintain at 15C. See also WBPaper00001806.
MT1679 unc-105(n490) II; lon-2(e678) let-2(n821) X. Long. n821 pka sup-20(n821).
MT1720 unc-105(n490) II; let-2(n821) X. n490sd: curly Unc, Sma. n821: WT revertant of n490; extragenic; pka sup-20. See Science 273: 361-364 1996.
MT2718 let-2(n1279) unc-3(e151) X; mnDp26 (X;f). n1279 is lethal. Animals which are alive contain the duplication. n1279 pka sup-20.
MT3453 lin-15B&lin-15A(n765) let-2(b246) X. Temperature sensitive Muv. Temperature sensitive lethal above 20C.
SP233 mnDp1 (X;V)/+ V; unc-3(e151) let-2(mn114) X. Pick wild-type to maintain. Segregates wild-type and lethals. mnDp1 duplication rescues unc-3 & let-2. mnDp1 is homozygous lethal.
SP250 mnDp1 (X;V)/+ V; unc-3(e151) let-2(mn131) X. GROWTH SLOW LETHAL EMBRYONIC ts(TEMPERATURE-SENS) See also CGC 1806.
SP374 mnDp1 (X;V)/+ V; unc-3(e151) let-2(mn143) X. LETHAL EMBRYONIC RECESSIVE Pick WT to maintain. See also CGC 1806.
SP423 mnDp1 (X;V)/+ V; unc-3(e151) let-2(mn153) X. LETHAL EMBRYONIC NULL ALLELE Maintain by picking WT. See also CGC 1806.